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 3 Ways to Get Indexed in MSN, as quick as possible

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PostSubject: 3 Ways to Get Indexed in MSN, as quick as possible    Wed Sep 28, 2011 6:41 pm

If you know anything about search engines, then you know that Google is, by far, the King, Yahoo is the queen (with a little q), and MSN is like the retarded 2nd cousin or something.

When it comes to getting a site indexed, you can accomplish that very quickly in Google, Yahoo is slower, and MSN is oftentimes the slowest, from my experience. MSN will eventually find your site if you are doing any kind of regular SEO or link building.

If you are looking to get indexed in MSN, quickly, then I found a few ways that seems to work, and I thought I'd share it with members of this forum. I've gained much knowledge reading the threads here, so it's my time to give a little.

3 Ways to Get Indexed in MSN as quick as possible

1. Exchange links with another site, indexed in MSN, that is PR4 or above. MSN spiders will regularly be visiting a PR4 site, so you should get one to your site by doing this. But, this exchange of links is not always the easiest to accomplish. You can check to see if a site is indexed in any of the 3 search engines by typing "" (no quotation marks) into their search bar.

2. Submit your site to MSN at I've heard that this page goes down from time to time, but it's worth a shot. Submit, and if it is still not indexed in a week, submit it again, but wait at least a week. You don't want to overdue and have that hurt your indexing.

3. This method appears to be the fastest. Go to, click on "MyMSN" on the homepage. Sign up for a free account. You do not even have to sign up for a or have a hotmail address. You can use your already existing email address. Once you have your MSN account confirmed, go to Locate the "favorites" section of the page, then click on "menu" of the "favorites" section. A drop menu will appear. Click "change details." At that point you can enter any URL you wish and pick the anchor text you desire. Now you have a link in MSN. Should get some spider activity, quickly.

That's it. Hope it helps.
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Fast Cash1

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PostSubject: Re: 3 Ways to Get Indexed in MSN, as quick as possible    Sat Feb 04, 2012 5:52 pm

Thanks for giving me information about MSN
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3 Ways to Get Indexed in MSN, as quick as possible
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