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 10 simple ways to get backlinks to your site

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PostSubject: 10 simple ways to get backlinks to your site   Mon Sep 26, 2011 6:37 pm

10 simple ways to get backlinks to your site

Hey members!

I noticed that many of you guys that are just starting in the SEO field are looking for simple but effective ways to get backlinks to your sites, so I figured out I could help with some of my infinite wisdom Here are 10 simple and FREE ways to get quality backlinks to your site:

- Run a good survey on a raunchy or news worthy subject (...Tiger Woods anyone?). Surveys are a great source of backlinks and word of mouth publicity.

- Join Google groups related to your niche and participate on them. Google just loves itself, so you know that links from Google related sites can't be bad for your PR...

- Use press releases. Make sure they are professionally written and submit them to relevant news release distribution services such as PRnewswire, Businesswire or PRWeb. Make sure your press release title is eye catching and/or strange and funny. You just never know who could pick it up...

- Try the brown nosing approach Publish a list of some of the top gurus in you field and hope that they will stumble across your site and love it enough to swap links with you.

- Use social bookmarking sites to check out what type of articles are getting the most attention, and try to write something similar. Lists usually get a lot of attention because they are simple and straight to the point. I actually love good lists because you don't have to go through all the clutter of a regular article to find 2 or 3 pieces of good information...

- Create a list of some of your favorite articles on a social bookmarking site like Digg. That way, people with similar interests will go back to your site to learn more about you.

- Write content people can relate to. Try to connect with your audience with simple but straight to the point articles and/or posts. Don't oversell and talk to your audience like you would talk to any of your friends. This way, your readers will develop a close relationship with you. Some people think of articles as a bundle of keywords created to fool search engines, but they forget that actual people are reading them... If people don't like your articles, you get no visits, simple as that...

- There are some sites that Google just love. Two of them are ezinearticles, which is an article directory, and DMOZ, a human-edited directory that is actually owned by Google. Since both of these directories use humans to filter content, spinned or obvious sales pitchs won't do, so you'll have to make sure your articles and websites are up to par and relevant before even trying to get indexed in DMOZ or having your articles published on

But the most important backlink building strategies in my view are:

Write good stuff

Get backlinks from relevant sites

Sometimes, when it comes to getting backlinks from sites you like, all you gotta do is ask. Yes, a phone call will often be enough to create a solid relationship with someone else in your field and exchange links. You can also email publishers with sites with a connection to yours or simply write them a letter asking them for a link exchange. You would be surprised at how well that can work...

And try to make friends with people on Digital point, I'm sure some of them will be more than interested to swap links with you...

Anyways, I hope this article helped and remember, quality over quantity is the key! Good luck to all you guys and see you around the boards!

Sasikumar (Admin)

[size="1"]note: I got this information form mail one my SEO friend sent really its valid point some only i will share it in this forum... [/size]
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10 simple ways to get backlinks to your site
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