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 Top 55 Social Bookmarking Websites

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PostSubject: Top 55 Social Bookmarking Websites   Top 55 Social Bookmarking Websites EmptyWed Sep 28, 2011 7:33 pm

This list of 55 social bookmarking sites I have specifically chosen for the usefullness they offer towards webmasters and blogger. These will not only get you noticed, but also build high PR links towards your website. I of course and giving away this list freely so if you find it usefull please spread it around either through sending a link from your website/blog, tweeting about it, or just emailing it to a friend. Anyways I hope you enjoy leave a comment if I missed any useful ones and I will be sure to update the list. Also let me know if any links are broken.

1.Digg PR 8/10 Here is the key website when attempting to get your website indexed by google. Also If you submit your website here and it is well liked by the members you have the chance to reach the front page giving you thousands of visitors.

2. Yahoo Buzz PR 7/10 Really be careful when submitting your website to this one in fact I recommend setting up a second account because if you are labeled a spammer you will have your account erased. This is an excellent place to get your website noticed.

3. Yahoo Bookmarks PR 5/10 This website is still in it's beta version and personally I have not used it and in fact was very surprised when I came across it. If it helped you out please leave a comment and tell me about it.

4. Technorati PR 9/10 This is the dmoz for bloggers. If you run a blog or two it is mandatory that you submit your blog here. They will not only send you traffic through their search, but also let you see your blog rank. VERY IMPORTANT FOR BLOGGERS!!

5. Stumble Upon PR 8/10 A very good social bookmark site where members can share links. This site like digg will help you get backlinks as well as direct visitors if the members like your site.

6. Delicious PR 8/10 Social bookmark site that you share your website or blog with a large community. There is alot of webmasters that don't believe you get link love from this site, but with the amount of users on delicious it is still useful to submit your website and/or blog here.

7. Kaboodle PR 6/10 This site is good if you submit your blog or have a shopping website that you would like to recommend to the users. It is a shopping based social bookmarking site.

8. Reddit PR 8/10 Basic social bookmark site good link juice if you submit something that everyone likes be ready for a good flow of traffic.

9. Mixx PR 8/10 Nice social bookmarking site that lets you submit a website or blog of any category. Great for backlinks and direct traffic.

10. Propeller PR 8/10 Good social bookmarking site for websites and blogs. Submit your articles and hope it gets to the top. Excellent for direct traffic and backlinks.

11. Fark PR 4/10 I like the fact that they allow comments on the links submitted. Not very high PR, but I definitely feel worth submitting to. Excellent user interface and very simple to submit your link to.

12. News Vine PR 7/10 This social bookmark site is for those on the cutting edge that can submit news stories. I think a tech website or blog would fit well into this bookmark site.

13. Slash Dot PR 9/10 A social bookmark site for nerds and no I am not trying to insult "US", they actually advertise their site this way. I have submitted my site and blogs with good results.

14. Clip Marks PR 6/10 Good social bookmark site that allows you to save and share clips of text, images, or video. One of the reasons I like this site is if you run a blog they have plug ins if you want to keep updated content on your blog. Very useful site for webmasters and bloggers.

15. Diigo 6/10 (not for long) This is the social bookmark site formally known as furl. You can expect the same service and backlinks from the site and though they only have a 0 now I am sure it will reach the same prestige as it once had as Furl. Good for backlinks and other community opportunities.

16. Faves 6/10 Not unlike digg or other well ranked social bookmarking sites. Submit your link with a good description and soak up the backlinks and direct traffic.

17. Dzone PR 6/10 This is a social bookmarking website for webmasters. Even if you don't run a website or blog about being a webmaster they have constantly updated sites on the home page that are very valuable for us.

18. Blink List PR 7/10 Good social bookmark site I think the only problem I have with the site is it seems like the programmers have no clue how to make it look good. Now they are still an excellent resource for those attempting to aquire high quality backlinks.

19. Simpy PR 6/10 Ok I have a bit of an issue with this site. My problem is the links are not organized making it look like a ffa site, but it does have a PR of 6 meaning google has not stripped it rank so use at your own risk. Personally I don't use it, but if you feel it looks legit go ahead.

20. Blog Marks PR 4/10 I am guessing a website attempting to reach the same rank as technorati. Good social bookmark site for bloggers easy to share your articles and links.

21. Back Flip PR 6/10 One of the oldest sites which is now being ran by volunteers. Back Flip is an excellent social bookmarking site and has lasted quite a while.

22. Bibsonomy PR 6/10 This is a social bookmarking site for those braniacs out their. Ran by the knowledge and data engineering group as a way for researchers to share links that are of academic importance. Though I run a website about making money I still submitted my site and saw some rewards.

23. Blog Bookmark PR 3/10 Though one PR less than Blog Mark it is still a good site for you bloggers or webmasters that have articles you feel would be liked by the masses. Good place to grab some backlinks.

24. Blurpalicious PR 4/10 Good social bookmark site to get backlinks and direct traffic. I really like the fact that I can have a website be blurped for some reason the name makes me smile. Anyway good resource for webmasters.

25. BmAccess PR 4/10 Well done social bookmarking site very easy to register and submit your links and you will see a good return for doing so.

26. Book Mark All PR 2/10 This is an online community bookmarking site that allows you to save your links and if they are liked they will move up into the hot links section displayed on the home page.

27. Buddy Marks PR 5/10 Not a bad social bookmarking site kinda bland, but still a good place for those webmasters/bloggers trying to build backlinks.

28. Buk Mark PR 2/10 Here is a newer social bookmarking site and instead of getting blurped or dug you get buc marked. Kinda boring, but again useful in a marketing campaign.

29. Cite U Like PR 7/10 Pretty simple you submit an article from a site and if it is liked you will see good traffic. Good place to build backlinks.

30. Claim ID PR 6/10 This is a very interesting bookmarking site that allows users to create their identy and find sites that relate. Good for webmasters with personal sites.

31. Cloudy Tags PR 2/10 A good social bookmarking site that allows you to add as many links as you wish to the community.

32. Connotea PR 7/10 Social bookmarking site for researchers. I do not recommend this for the average webmaster this site was created for scientists. If you do run a academic site this bookmark site may be worth your time.

33. Co Rank PR 5/10 This social bookmark site like the rest allows you to submit links and if your lucky get to a featured link. They also show recently added links on their home page.

34. PR 5/10 Not exactly a social bookmarking site per say, but a local search engine. This will help reach local visitors for those wanting higher local traffic.

35. Drop Jack PR 4/10 A news oriented social bookmarking site. I would recommend updating any changes to blogs or websites through these guys. They remind me of digg and the others.

36. Ez4u PR 2/10 I don't know why these guys don't move to unlimited bandwidth, but if you can catch their site up they are excellent resource for those looking for backlinks.

37. Folkd PR 7/10 I'm guessing your getting used to the post; a social bookmarking site that will help you get links and visits. What is nice is this site does not seem to be over populated compared with the other high PR websites.

38. Gather PR 6/10 This site kinda leans towards social networking rather than bookmarking, but with the ease that it takes to build a profile and share writing and links if your willing to take the time it is a great marketing resource.

39. Get Boo PR 4/10 Basic social bookmarking site easy to submit links good place to get your site out.

40. Icio PR 6/10 I think this site if from Denmark, simple social bookmarking easy to get a free backlink.

41. Link A Gogo PR 5/10 Another basic social bookmarking site. Add your site and get the link juice.

42. Link Arena PR 5/10 German bookmarking site mostly in english. Easy to sign up and submit.

43. Lister Lister PR 3/10 One of the newer social bookmarking sites kinda like digg.

44. Magnolia Pr 6/10 This is a big social bookmark site though it is down until late summer 2009 it will be worth it to keep checking and attempt to be one of the first that submit.

45. Marktd PR 3/10 Excellent resource for webmasters. It is a social site that deals with online marketing you will more than likely see all of my posts on it:)

46. Memotoo PR 4/10 A good community to share what you have found.

47. Mister Wrong PR 7/10 Here is one of the undiscovered bookmark sites that alot of people miss when marketing a website. I think it should be right up their with digg and stumble upon, slowly it is catching on more and more.

48. Mobleo PR 3/10 A spin off site from normal social bookmarking they take it mobile.

49. Multiply PR 7/10 Again a little to the side of social networking, but still a valuable resource for marketers since it holds a PR 7.

50. Murl PR 3/10 I say help this site out, I enjoy watching social sites succeed.

51. Wire Fan PR 3/10 Another up and coming social bookmarking site, submit your site and watch it climb to the top.

52. Zlitt PR 3/10 Share your links videos and images with this community site.

53. My Site Vote PR 3/10 Good to get a free backlinks they use the same system as digg and the rest if your site is liked it will be voted to the front page.

54. Vote Lists PR 3/10 Submit your site and be ready to hear the truth. This site has the social bookmarking feature that allows your site to be voted up and down and also allows users to comment on what you submit.

55. Blog Engage PR 3/10 Another social bookmarking site targetted to bloggers. Submit your site/article and if it is well liked then you will reach the top page. A good place to get noticed and begin building a following.
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PostSubject: Re: Top 55 Social Bookmarking Websites   Top 55 Social Bookmarking Websites EmptyWed Sep 28, 2011 7:56 pm

Good, valuable update..

All the best.

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PostSubject: Re: Top 55 Social Bookmarking Websites   Top 55 Social Bookmarking Websites EmptyTue Feb 05, 2013 4:52 pm

Thanks for your huge list
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PostSubject: Re: Top 55 Social Bookmarking Websites   Top 55 Social Bookmarking Websites EmptyFri Feb 15, 2013 3:13 pm

Awesome this is the very useful post for me.
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Top 55 Social Bookmarking Websites
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