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 Very Helpful SEO guidelines

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Very Helpful SEO guidelines Empty
PostSubject: Very Helpful SEO guidelines   Very Helpful SEO guidelines EmptyWed Sep 28, 2011 5:49 pm

HI all

i just written down some proven seo guidelines. i want to share with you. please feel free to comment on any so that we learn from each others experience.

Page Title
- The title should be between 3 and 7 words.
- The target keyword should be at the start of the title.
- Avoid special characters.
- While building Landing Pages use long tail titles which will be able to target 2 or more terms. (There is no benefit to use common keywords in title. Like for, in, the, is, etc)

- The keywordSrcastic should be the first thing on the page in an H1 tag.
- Try to avoid content duplication as much as possible.
- The keyword should be used at least once in each paragraph.
- The content length (as whole) should be between 600-1000 words.
- Supporting Keywords (e.g. alternative descriptive words, subheading, promotional text or related products) should be in h2 tags.
- ‘H’ tags should be used in hieratical format. (e.g. H1, H2 then H3)
- The page must not contain any dead link
- Keyword should appear at least twice in hyperlink text. (Better to put one link near the start of page)
- ‘Alt’ values of Images must be set to the keywordSrcastic.
- The page should be in complete linking hierarchy (Must be able to get to the page from our main site and vice-versa).
- Every image (apart from design images) should have Alt tag.
- If possible put keyword block in page. Having all target keywords in H tags.

- Meta keywords should not be more than 30 words.
- Avoid duplication in Meta keywords.
- Try unique Meta description for each page (if possible).
- Meta description should be short and comprehensive.
- If page is static don’t include Meta Revisit URL
- Use unique Meta keywords in every page.

Social Book marking:
- It is very beneficial to bookmark landing pages (If pages are in less quantity) in Digg or Stumbleupon. It takes 3-4 extra minutes but has great benefits.

Page Name:
- Page name should be short and describe the content of page. (e.g. Keyword should be in page name)
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Very Helpful SEO guidelines
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